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RDT Made in U.S.A. Design

The Rapidly Detachable Table (RDT) product and accessories are made in the USA from sheet steel.
Patents Pending.

No second rate materials are used in the RDT constructionn.

We do not offshore to create an inexpensive castings for the table and accessories.  We believe in manufacturing in the USA, but that is only one reason for this decision.  We want to produce a product that can be modified by owners that wish to machine or weld modifications (beware of warpage!) to the products for their personal use.  In addition, the table fit and durability are important to us.

Our fasteners are sourced through McMaster Carr and for the most part are 1/4" -TPI.  The optional CAM screw is the only fastener that can't be sourcde from a multitude of sources.

Design Concepts:
This video will explain how the RDT came about and some concepts.  Please see our YouTube channel and playlists for more information:

The RDT is based upon a tight fitting pocket attachment method for excellent sturdiness.  This pocket has been developed over a long time through many prototypes and revisions.  In addition, a unique accessory mounting system is built into every table.

Please read:
One very important point is that a tight fitting enclosure of the blade is necessary to add support to the blade and prevent jambs.  This tight slot for the blades has proven to be durable and only in the most rare cases can a small wedge of material get captured in it.  Even so, if you have followed our Quintessential Guide, the saw will stall or slip the belt and not eject (throw) the blade.  We cut this slot for a thin blade.  In the case of a wider blade, turn the RDT over and re-cut the slot by running your blade into it while sitting on top of the deflector plate.  Be careful during this operation because you will not have the support of the RDT.