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High Stiction Choke Tube Grease
High Stiction Choke Tube Grease

High Stiction Choke Tube Grease

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High Stiction Choke Tube Grease is NOT a universal grease and should not be used for anything else. PLEASE READ ALL OF THE FOLLOWING.  Grease content is approx. 4 to 5 ML, enough for many re-greasings.


In our experience over the last year with HSCTG:   


Choke tubes will be smoothly removable when the application directions are followed.  YOU SHOULD TEST THIS AT VARIOUS INTERVALS ON YOUR OWN GUN, BUT WE BELIEVE THIS IS NOT AN ISSUE UNLESS THE INSTRUCTIONS ARE NOT FOLLOWED (or you already have a poor fitting tube or mis-match for your gun).  WE DO NOT OFFER ANY TYPE OF WARRANTY BEYOND REPLACEMENT OF THE GREASE.


Choke tubes will generally not come loose.  That is the reason this grease has been chosen.  THIS IN NO WAY IS AN INSTRUCTION TO NOT CHECK YOUR CHOKE TUBES FREQUENTLY


There are no toxicity issues with this grease to our knowledge, although obviously you should not eat it. It is so sticky that preventing it from getting on your hands in the first place is a good idea.



            Clean barrel threads and choke tube threads with a solvent and brush and dry until no contaminants remain.  Coat the barrel threads and the choke tube threads.  The idea is to eliminate any air pockets. There is plenty of grease to do this a number of times.  Obviously you will have to use a tool with an internal choke tube but a lot of torque should not be necessary.  We generally just use our fingers.  Clean you barrel in your normal fashion to remove excess grease.  Remember it is sticky,  so make sure you get it all out.   NOW, it is up to you to test removal to your satisfaction.  Again, we don’t deal with anyone’s stuck choke tube. This grease is not a solution for a poorly fitting choke tube!!!


We check our tubes occasionally between stations but very, very rarely find any loosening.  WE DON’T WARRANT THIS PRODUCT TO KEEP YOUR CHOKE TUBE FROM LOOSENING.  IT IS UP TO YOU TO CHECK.  Do not reduce your diligence to check because a choke tube that loosens WILL ruin your barrel, possibly be dangerous, and greatly reduce the value of your gun.


I periodically remove the choke tube when cleaning my gun to examine for contamination of the grease. I haven’t found any yet.  Normally, I do not find any and just re-insert the tube into my barrel.  If you see any contamination, especially near the end of the threads, start over with a fresh cleaning.



            Thanks for reading this far.  If you have juniors that shoot in competition, we will send them a small supply of  HSCTG High Stiction Choke Tube Grease for free.  Just email [email protected] a picture of your junior(s) in a competition and we will send you some grease.