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Finish on Products

Unless specified in the product description, all products are unfinished, meaning they are free from any coatings. (Paint, wax, black oxide, etc.)

Most of the products are steel and will have machining marks.  These are shop tools, not kitchen tools and the expense of a perfect finish is inappropriate.

In reference to the Rapidly Detachable Table (RDT) family of products; we have chosen to leave the finish natural.  There are a several reasons for this.  First, the table surface of the saw in the vice area is not coated.  Secondly, finishes would increase friction with the work material.  Finally, we have not experienced any corrosion problems in our insulated, sometimes heated shop in Oregon.

Just for fun, we powder coated the bottom of a table.  It was an easy process using nothing more than a common inexpensive powder coater, a toaster oven, and some high temp tape to cover the top.  It worked perfectly and looks ok.  However, there is just no reason for it.  The tolerances on the table, that is adjustable in several ways, will not interfere with any reasonable coating you decide to spray on it. That was part of the design criteria.

We package the products in zipper locking plastic bags with small dessicant packs.  If you are concerned that your product will be exposed to a corrosive environment before it is unpackaged, please leave a message in the checkout Notes and we will either spray it with an anti-corrosive spray before we bag it or wrap it in a corrosion preventative paper.