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About OFG Garage

   I established OFG Garage LLC after a lifetime career in "Programming" and "System Design", terms which became enhanced to "Software engineering" and "Application development" and "System engineering" as the decades went by.

   During these decades, I always spend much of my time "hands on" in my shop.  Cars, motorcycles, home built airplanes, metal shop, wood shop, more projects, more tools.  I continually had a list of things in my mind that could become products to help in a small shop and after my tech career was winding down and I wanted to be more hands on with a project than in the ethereal word of code and intangible objects, I decided to build a list of products and start to build prototypes.  I built several prototypes from my idea list, but along the way I got slightly detoured.  I found myself in need of a vertical bandsaw.  I didn't have the space for one in my small shop, nor the resources to buy one.  I was trying to use the vertical mode of my Jet Combination Band Saw with dismal results.  I ruined pieces and hurt myself a couple times.  When I tried to bolt on a bigger table, I was frustrated when, shortly after that I needed to use the saw in the horizontal mode.  I found I was using other ways to cut material because the saw was in the wrong mode many times when I wanted to use it.  One day I spent a few hours, determined to make a table that I could remove and install more rapidly than the flimsy sheet metal tables that took multiple fashioners to install.
   That was the advent of my removable table Version 1, which has grown into the Rapidly Detachable Table (RDT), Version 6.3 as of this date, you see in this store.  I wasn't even thinking of it as a product.  I was just happily using it to make my prototypes.  I needed a way to cut tubing in half and that became Version 1 of the what is now called the RDT V-guide.  One day, after about 3 weeks of using it as a tool, I was frustrated with the prototype I had been working on for about a week and as I sat down to reconsider the design of the prototype, I was sitting in front of the band saw, mulling over ideas in my head when it occurred to me that my band saw had totally changed as a tool.  Not only did I have a larger, stable table surface, but I was using the saw far more often than I had before because the vertical mode was now very close to a dedicated band saw, the only deficit being that the throat on it is somewhat smaller.  That deficit almost never gets in the way.  I hadn't even noticed it as a problem.  I did try to use a friend's little table that mounted a portable band saw, like plumbers typically use, and it was almost unusable due to a very small throat but with my table design, installed on a combination band saw, it just didn't come up that often as a problem.  I was making stuff faster and more accurately without investing in a dedicated vertical band saw.  The few seconds it takes to mount or unmount the table is just not a deterrent to using the saw in either mode at any time.  Not only all that, but I had the prototype already for a product as a detachable table.  Little did I know that it would take me several years to thoroughly perfect it, apply for patents, and figure out how to make more of them.
   The results of my efforts are presented here in this store, and in my YouTube channel series of videos about how to properly set up a Combination Horizontal - Vertical bandsaw to prevent blade damage and cut degrading.  These videos are not product oriented.  They are intended to allow people, like me, to have a resource for how to fix their out of adjustment saw.  I have never found the information anywhere else.  Not in the product manuals or YouTube videos or Blogs/forums.  I had to figure it out myself and it took a fair amount of time.  I consider it a gift to small shop operators like myself, mostly home shops, and hope many people will benefit from it.  It also creates the ability to tune your saw to a point that can get optimal benefit from the RDT products I make.    There are now also some separate product videos for the RDT and the accessories that have been derived for it.

Sincerely... Jeffrey Hedrick  October 2018